Pre-Cycling Taiwan – East Coast (Day 0)

Last October 2012, we decided to visit Taipei Cycle Expo & do a Taiwan Cycle Tour. We booked our tickets, hopped onto Malaysia Airlines to Taiwan in March and the adventure began!

THE BIG PLAN (before the ride)

  • fly in to Taipei
  • take the high speed train to Kaoshiong (about 1.5hrs) take the slow / normal train to Taitung (about 1.5 – 2 hrs), get bikes from GIANT
  • day 1 cycle from Taitung to Ruisui (day 1 plan failed, and had to detour)
  • day 2 cycle from Ruisui to Hualien and return bikes

You can rent tour bikes from GIANT, just email them 2 weeks in advance. The bikes turned out pretty decent, came with cycle computer, bell, pump, toolkit, small bag in front and 2 pannier bags on the rack. 3 day rental came up to RM120 (about plus minus USD40). *thumbs up*

giant bicycle rental2

giant bicycle rental


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