Cycling Taiwan – Day 1 of 2 (95km)

proposed route : taitung to ruisui

what we did at the end of the day : taitung to changhong


The route above was drawn and simplified to us by the guys at GIANT. i had my google map printed out, but what he sketch out was pretty simplified and thought we’d share it with you.


Day 1, taiwan sun rises pretty early compared to Malaysia, by 7am, it was all bright. We set off out from our little motel at 7.30am. Being new to this cycling tour, we stopped pretty often for the first 2 hours adjusting the bikes proper, getting used to the roads and digesting the beauty of east coast shoreline.



We arrived at dulan at 9am (on schedule) for breakfast, donghe at 10.35am for famous “pao” (bun) and finally arrived at turning point 96.5km. This is where we are suppose to turn into Highway 30, crossing the mountains to hit Highway 193 or 9 which is also known as the East Rift Valley. This is also the route where GIANT ppl told us its gonna be uphill for 7km and downhill for another 7km. He also told us, it will take you 1.5 – 2hrs just to get thru highway 30.


a smile before entering highway 30!!

Upon entering Highway 30, our 2 stronger cyclists went ahead while the 2 weaker one having to push the bikes after 300meters of climbing? 10mins later, our 2 stronger rider u-turned and told us, there is no way you guys can finish this. its steep and hard to climb. After some discussion, we decided its best that we stick to Highway 11 along the coastal.

By this time, we were all pretty tired having done approx 70km on the road with load.

We started looking out for a place to bunk for the night, there was nothing interesting at the Cancer Landmarker, just a monument, and we had to push forward, till we arrived at Changhong bridge and found accomodation.


We checked in at approx 5pm only to find there is nothing to eat. We have to cycle another 10mins to the next town (Shitiping) if we want to get dinner. Being tired from riding a total of 95km, we decided to just buy some instant cup noodles and call it a night by 9pm.



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