1st timer packing for bike tour


numbering on image is wrong. kindly ignore….

Our very first experience with cycle tour.

Packing for 2 days in town + 2 full days cycling (total 4 days) in Taiwan. 

Weather expected to be between 16 degrees – 23 degrees (with rain)

What i brought and what i reckon could be reduced!

  1. Osprey Manta 25 backpack (with reservoir)
  2. Sleeping bag Taiwan motels are pretty decent!
  3. Toiletries
  4. KeepCup
  5. Helmet something personal to me, didnt want to rent
  6. Windbreaker from Uniqlo
  7. 3 x Shorts Totally needed it because of the rain
  8. Scarf / Throw Did use it in trains and temperature went down
  9. 1 x Sleepwear
  10. 1 x Small Towel
  11. 2 x Quick Dry Tee, 1 x Long Sleeve Tee Could lessen by 1 QuickDry Tee, wash at night, dry next day
  12. Head Scarf, Sports Bra
  13. Cycling Cap Didnt need. No sun!
  14. Sunglasses (not in picture) Didnt need. No sun!
  15. Small Dry Bag Can be replace with zip lock bag
  16. Battery Pack + Cable
  17. Mini Tripod
  18. Camera
  19. iPhone (not in picture)
  20. Garmin 200 (cycle computer with GPS tracker)
  21. Shoes : Crocs (not in picture)
  22. Water Bottle (not in picture)

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