#TSBreakaway – Friendship


12 strangers with a passion for traveling – was chosen for this #TSBreakAway Workshop (from Oct 26 – 30 2013) organized by Tourism Selangor (TS).

I was one of the 12. They brought in mentors and taught us better photography and writing skills. More details can be found on website tsbreakaway.my or Tourism Selangor Facebook .

Basically over 5-days, we did 2 workshops on photography, 1 workshop on writing, teambuilding in the dark, visited fishing village Pulau Ketam, went paragliding at Jugra and watched the amazing Shelah show at Empire Damansara.

But theres a catch! Each and every one of us have to come up with 5 post in any online media platform by Nov 17th. Best postings will walk away with a grand prize of RM10,000.



I joined #TSBreakAway without expectations. I have no clue who these people were. Frankly I was telling myself, if its gonna be a waste of time, I’m leaving next day. But hey, I stuck on it day after day, waking up at 6.30am every morning looking forward to cheap instant coffee, frozen dim sum breakfast downstairs and the plans that laid ahead for the day.

What surprises me was how fast all 12 of us – from very different age group, got so relaxed and started bonding with each other. Chinese, malay, gwai lou, young and old, bonded and karaoked to music played on the radio in bumpy van rides.

bumpy van ride

bumpy van ride

We shared traveling stories, laughed and exchange cultural knowledge and taboos. No one spoke of their worries. No one spoke of finance and politics. Just pure passion for traveling. There was nothing to hide. Everyone was a new person.



At the end of the fifth day, it was time to split up and go home. Though everyone was dead tired from the hectic schedule, no one wanted to leave. We stood around after Shelah show, took more pictures than ever before and even the official videographer wanted last words.

We hugged and say goodbyes by midnight. A reunion is in order.  🙂

* * *

a little word of advice to introverts out there, if an opportunity like this comes by, take it. You learn something new everyday and gain an experience of a lifetime that they dont teach in schools. 

* * *

Lastly I’d like to thank all the sponsors and Tourism Selangor’s crew again and again for putting together this amazing first time ever workshop and thank you for choosing us to be your guinea pigs as part of this project.

Tourism Selangor "zombie" Crew

Tourism Selangor “zombie” Crew


Before I close this posting, just a quick note that in the next few upcoming stories, it will be related to who/what/where of the workshop. It will be a series of entry for #TSBreakAway competition and a fight to win that grand prize!


11 thoughts on “#TSBreakaway – Friendship

  1. Awesome. And getting over that introvert hurdle may not be easy, but it’s worth the anxiety. So much I missed out on in life because it.. (making up for lost time now lah)..;) And on friendship? In 6 years of being overseas I have not met such a fantastic and inspiring group of people before..making effigies of everyone to place around my house now. 😀

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