Fishing Village in desperation

pulau ketam

Pulau Ketam & Sungai Lima – just 45 minutes away from Port Klang by boat is a lovely lovely island to visit. Fresh seafood, bicycle town, laid back life and cheap. A great weekend daytrip visit. Just do a quick google search and you will get various information on how to get there, what to eat and what to do.

Happy thoughts put aside, there is a a BIG issue on the island. These 2 towns are supported by stilts are facing garbage problems. Everyday, truckloads of garbage washed to shores and gets stuck there. The island acts almost like a filter before the river water goes into the ocean. Its not a pleasant sight.

According to Sg Lima “ketua kampung” (village leader), “we are constantly educating our people to keep the island clean but there is only so much we can do. So much rubbish comes in, we cannot cope.”

To reduce the damage any further, we can only do our part as city dwellers. STOP LITTERING. STOP throwing that cigarette butt out of your car window. Try educating your neighborhood hawker stall from throwing food waste into the drains.

Local governments are doing their bit by installing wastewater treatment plants wet markets – identified as one of the main sources of pollution as vendors throw everything from chicken scraps to plastic bags into drains that eventually flow into the river.

The Selangor government has also recently banned development projects near the river to prevent contamination.

(source : News Straits Times, Sept 9 2013)

Slowly but surely, if everyone does their part keeping our river clean, Pulau Ketam and Sungai Lima will be one happy island and one heck of a tourist spot.

laid back fishing village

laid back fishing village

long pipes being used to prevent garbage coming in during high tide

long pipes being used to prevent garbage coming in during high tide

Everyday villagers face unpleasant sight and smell of garbage below their homes

Everyday villagers face unpleasant sight and smell of garbage below their homes

* * *

We are interested to hear from anyone who can help / suggest better ideas to this massive garbage problem. Thank You.

This is entry no. 2 5 part series.


10 thoughts on “Fishing Village in desperation

  1. Indeed if everyone just stop littering, garbage problem can be reduced. Both places are very nice and charming. I think first thing that need to be done is to do a ‘gotong-royong’ to clean up the ‘artsy’ looking garbage under the homes of Sg Lima people. Then, we should propose for some kind of filtering system to prevent the rubbish to sneak in under the people’s house.

    On another note, your artwork is very nice. Can I borrow it to post in FB or other social media sites [copyrighted to u]? πŸ™‚

  2. Khai, please do! just link back to this page can dy. Thanks! I’m thinking of making tshirts to raise fund to save the stray dogs living at the swamp area too. Needs more thought and planning πŸ™‚ What do you think?

  3. You know what, since the moment I read this post when you first posted it till today, me head’s been ringing about your charity idea. You should so do it and #TSBreakAway Kids and Zombies can help you with it. What say you? Btw, if your other stories are along the lines like this (the spirit/essence), you’re on to something. Seriously, something good is brewing..just a matter of getting the right ingredients and simmering before it goes out.

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  6. It’s sad to know that there is such thing happening. But based on the article written in NST, the wastewater treatment plants are installed at the wet markets in Selayang and Old Klang Road, right? So, is there any wastewater treatment plant being installed in Pulau Ketam itself?

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