Weekend idea – Go paragliding

For those who wants an extra punch to your weekend, heres an idea:

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Captain Ikhwan & Kak Orkid to paraglide.
CYCLE from Klang to Jugra
CYCLE back to Klang

* * *

Captain Ikhwan (trained & certified in New Zealand)  and wife Kak Orkid were the very first few people who brought in paragliding to Malaysia – Persatuan Luncur Udara Malaysia. It all began when Kak Orkid (a little bit of a adrenaline junkie) wanted to fly. She has tried paramotor, handgliding and finally settled for paragliding as according to her the easiest to use and transport around. The rest needed more equipment and they were heavy to carry.

Husband and wife tag team

Husband and wife tag team

From having a paragliding+cafe at Banting, they have now moved to a empty piece of land, set up a cozy container home-office centre and welcomes paragliders from all around the world to camp at their place while enjoying the sport.

Oh, you gotta be nice and ask Kak Orkid to prepare you her specialty nasi lemak. Its the bomb!

Top : Container home-office. Bottom : Landing field.

Top : Container home-office. Bottom : Landing field.

Captain is man of few words. Kak Orkid (whos the PR person) does most of the talking and briefing. They will both show you pictures and videos and make you feel comfortable at home. Once everythings set and ready to go, head up to Jugra hill and you’re ready to take off!


Beautiful  morning on Jugra Hill

Beautiful morning on Jugra Hill overlooking Sg. Langat

Paragliding is one sport that requires strong wind in the right direction. Without it you cannot lift off unless you’re an experienced glider who can lift off by running for your dear life off the cliff.

On this particular day that we chose, there was no wind and we had to wait for couple of hours. It is alot of waiting.

“One thing i learn from paragliding all these years is that it has teach me to slow down and be a patient person” says Kak Orkid.

For that few hours we were waiting, i realized that our backyard is just as beautiful as any other country we go visit. You know how they say the grass is greener on the other side? Well, take time to visit Malaysia. Heck, this place is just an hour drive away. Appreciate what we have and not destroy nature like whats happening to Pulau Ketam.


Ready for lift off!

Ready for lift off! Its actually not that scary 😛

Breathtaking view

Breathtaking view. Worth the waiting.


Cycling - Klang to Jugra

Cycling – Klang to Jugra (28km one way)

Suggested route : Park at GM Wholesale Klang. Start your journey there to Jugra hill. You need to be extra careful on the first stretch of road from Wholesale as there are quite alot of cars and trucks on this road itself. Maybe the first 30mins or so. Once you enter the smaller town roads, there are much lesser cars, making it quite a pleasurable ride.

Along the way, you can detour into one of the small roads leading to the river for photo op.

Photo opportunity by Sungai Langat

Photo opportunity by Sungai Langat

* * *

More details on paragliding & camping details on Flight Park @ Jugra:
Captain Ikhwan – +6 014 718 7826
Facebook : Persatuan Luncur Udara Malaysia
Email : plummalaysia [at] yahoo.com

* * *
This is entry no. 3 for tsbreakaway.my 5 part series.


4 thoughts on “Weekend idea – Go paragliding

  1. This nasi lemak is haunting me since that very day! Gah! Btw, I cannot get over how freaking green that Jugra river was. I saw the video footage from the zombie crew and gosh, it was so clear. Crazy in love with the green 🙂 Ok, I’m so going to set an appointment to paraglide despite the fact that I have fear of heights. Bah.

    • I know you can do it Dian. We all have fear of heights but surprisingly we survived! Haha. And it was so damn clear n green. I posted on FB on that day without the photo and someone commented “Sungai hijau? Tipulah!” and she was shocked when I posted the photo! Hahah. It was THAT green!

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