Finding Balance : Slackline

Don’t look down. Focus on an object in front of you and move forward.

Slackline. A sport i only found out a month ago. Similar to tightrope, slackline is a more challenging sport with its stretchy trampoline-like “rope”. Being a fairly new sport, Slackline KL just entered the Malaysian market only this year in April. I caught up with the person behind this new community – Helena Foo to have a first hand experience on it.

Interview location : Damai Extreme Park, Batu Caves

Helena Foo showing us whats Slackline all about

Helena Foo showing us whats Slackline all about

Green Butts (GB) : Hi! I’m glad to finally meet you! So tell us about Slackline and how it work!

Helena Foo (HF) : Hi, thanks for having us today ūüôā Well, slackline is pretty straightforward, you basically need two pillar or usually trees, tie the ropes from one end to another, tighten it and start walking!


Foo tightening the rope with a ratchet.

Foo tightening the rope with a ratchet.

GB : ok…sounds simple enough, lets do this! Erm….you sure these ropes are strong enough?

HF : Definitely! This brand is Made in Germany and can take up to 1 tonne of weight. (product website claims 3 tonnes!)

The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it. –¬†Anonymous

GB : How did you come about knowing and playing this sport?

HF : I used to be quite heavy and one day i had a bad fall and had a major operation on my leg. I was terrified of not being able to walk again. I work as a performer so I desperately need the use of my legs to get around. In that span of 6 months, depression settled in. After my knee surgery, I was placed in physiotherapy and my doctor advised me to really think about losing some weight.

I discovered slacklining early this year and I’ve been addicted ever since. Slacklining has really helped me tighten up all my flabby bits and it has really made me a much stronger and fitter person. I have more mobility now than ever before and I am a much happier person because of it.

GB : Erm, do you mind telling us how much weight you lose?

HF : I was 95 kilos. I have lost 31 kilos and am still dropping, though not as rapidly anymore.

GB : *speechless* Now, thats inspiring! Anything else you’d like to say that may further inspire others out there?

HF : I’d just like to say that I love¬†slacklining¬†because it allows me so much freedom of expression. To be honest with you, balancing at a distance above the ground makes me a lot nervous cuz I think of repercussions such as falling and hurting myself again. But¬†slacklining¬†has helped me overcome that and more. When I take that first step, land it and then knowing that I can take another one and another one; it builds my confidence and I challenge myself to reach the other end at my own pace. It takes patience and consistent trying and yes, I will fall but then I get up again and keep trying till I reach the end. And when I succeed, there’s this amazing sense of accomplishment and adrenaline rush that is difficult to describe.¬†I believe that the¬†slackline¬†philosophy applies to the philosophy of life as well.
Foo, before and after weight loss!

Foo, before and after weight loss!

Foo on rope, showing a technique to fall

Foo on rope, showing a technique to fall

Trickliner; Hakimi showing some stunts

Trickliner; Hakimi showing some stunts

Slacklining can improve your balance, posture and concentration. Some people use this sport to clear their minds and relax from work. Your core strength will improve and you may feel more focussed and flexible. –¬†

Me giving a shot at Slackline...FOCUS.... #FAIL!

Me giving a shot at Slackline…FOCUS…. #FAIL!

Green Butts sincerely thank Helena Foo and her friends for their time and dedication. It was a pleasure meeting you guys!

Slackline KL is a mobile community based in Klang Valley. Every now and then they have workshops and outings at your neighbourhood park. Check out their Facebook Page – for upcoming events! You can also directly contact Helena over email slacklinekl [at] . Slackline is great for both adults and children alike!

* * *

All images by Green Butts unless stated otherwise.

This is entry no. 4 for 5 part series. Also intended for the Canon Photo Storytelling Challenge.


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