Selangor Exco & MBPJ meets Cycling Commuters

On November 17th 2013, Cycling Kuala Lumpur, Bicycle Map Project organized a 10km ride around Petaling Jaya with Selangor state Exco (Elizabeth Wong) & MBPJ (Norsham, Aswadi & Suzana) to survey and to exchange views with town planning and urban developments on real road & traffic conditions.

About 25 cyclists and bike commuters turned up on the somewhat gloomy cloudy morning in hopes for this bright future that the government will listen and understand the needs of bicycle friendly infrastructure for commuting.


Group photo by Basikal Akmal

Group photo by Basikal Akmal

The ride started at approx. 9am. Slow 10km loop showing the authorities the dangers of potholes and grills on road and how we need ramps to go up pedestrian walkways and overhead bridges. It was all smiles when ride ended at around 11.30am. Selangor Exco and MBPJ shows positive feedback and YB Elizabeth Wong gave a strong support statement “Make it happen!”

We’re in for the long haul, it is exciting times – Jeff Lim, Cycling KL Bicycle Map Project


Another video by one of the riders, Hans Lee



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