First looks on folding bike – OYAMA

Oyama Skyline 16speed

Just visited Pedalspot bike shop at SS2 PJ and they have 3 new solid looking folding bikes in store that has just arrived about a week ago.

Immediately fell in love with the “Skyline” and “City Racing” models. The “Skyline” looks similiar to the Dahon P8. This little dude is great for entry level cyclist.

The Dahon P8 has Schwalbe Big Apple tyres and seat post pump which this “Skyline” does not have. Again, “Skyline” is about RM600 cheaper than the P8, you can easily upgrade / modify with that extra savings. Not to forget the “Skyline” living up to its name has 14speed gears compared to the Dahon which has only 8 gear speed.

Oyama City Racing 16speed

On the other hand, the “City Racing” reminds me of the Java folding bike because it has disc brakes and slick tyres. But this white horse looks really good. It also comes in apple green frame.

The other model which i saw was the classic OYAMA Dolphin. (I really dont understand how these Taiwanese come up with names like these LOL.) Great thing about this Dolphin is that it has fenders included.

OYAMA Dolphin

Oh righty, all the above 3 bikes has eyelets to add on bike racks.

I have yet to test drive these bikes, but having a first look at it, I’m liking them, they look good, better than average specs and value for money.



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